Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Another First

With the pending arrival of the Hansen's, there just hasn't been enough time in the day to get everything completed that needs to be done before they come. So after racing through the home chores we went to the office and put in a full day. Yup! Eight hours for me and 4 for Elder L. It was so nice not to have phones ringing and other distractions. Please note--MISSIONARIES ARE NOT DISTRACTIONS!  But the only ones in and out today were the Office Elders and Assistants. Wonderful young men. How sad it will be when their assignments take them to other areas.

So here's the day's activities. It was another checklist kind of day.
Completed tasks:
3 loads of laundry
Fold other laundry from the past week--bedding, towels from last week's Nemeth fun & 3 days worth of dish cloths and towels from lunches at the training meeting
Change 2 beds
Clean bathroom--only 1. Marc has to clean his own!
Clean kitchen & remove biology specimens from fridge
Mop floors
Shop for commissary at Sam's Club and Walmart
Shop for groceries--ditto
Prepare 19 incoming medical files for Sister Hansen
     Print 9-11 pages for each missionary's medical and dental records
     Make labels for file (name, missionary #, medical ID, birth date, MTC & release dates
     Print 2-4X6 cards with the same info for Sister Hansen's and my files
     Clip card to front of file
Print 19 incoming summaries for President Hansen. Fortunately only 1 hadn't already been typed
Organize itineraries for 19 in's on July 8, 1 returning elder (medical leave) on July 9 & 10 go-homes on July 10
Organize commissary for all ZCs next week so they're ready for the elders to deliver
Divide up Ensigns, Liahonas and mail to be taken to ZC's
Order from Staples. Do you know how on top of things the Church is? Pres Hansen's name is already in the Staples system!
Order from distribution. Wouldn't you know that half of the things we need are back ordered?

Incomplete tasks:
Change Pres W's name to Pres Hansen's on about 25 documents. (I don't know Pres H's middle initial)
Senior couple profiles
Update Stake President and Bishop information--still playing hide & seek with that one
Figure out who's telling the missionaries to bring 2 flat sheets instead of 1 flat and 1 deep-pocket fitted

Overall, I'm completely satisfied with today's productivity!

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