Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Is the Moon Full?

I've decided that the moon must be full with all the weird things happening today. What the heck's going on?

The Nemeth's got bumped from their flight out of Tucson to Dallas so got on one almost 4 hours later. Then they couldn't all get on the Dallas to Baton Rouge flight so Kennedi & Ethan came in at 6 pm and we Heidi up at 9:35. At least now they're finally all here safely. Let the fun begin.

I received a call from a man wanting assistance from the church for his family to fly back to California. They came out here about a week ago because his daughter had been in a serious auto accident in the area 5 years ago. Her condition recently took a turn for the worse and she passed away yesterday. After getting off the phone and talking to Elder L, I discovered they weren't members and they shouldn't be referred to the Bishop who helps transient members. (The reason Elder L knew he wasn't a member is because a member called and asked that the missionaries give this young woman a blessing, which they did.) I called him back and tried my best to explain that that wasn't something we could help with. About 3 hours later someone else calls saying that she'd talked to President Wall and he told her to call me to get the Bishop's phone number. How did she get Pres W's number and not a Bishop whose number is on I NEVER GIVE OUT PRESIDENT WALL'S PHONE NUMBER. PERIOD!!!! I looked up the Bishop for where they're staying and gave them the number from the website. She called 15 minutes later, said it was disconnected and wanted a different one. I found another one--but won't say where from--and gave it to her. She said she'd call back if it didn't work. I didn't hear anything.

Received an email from a dad of a sister in the mission. His daughter wants them to go to President & Sister Wall's homecoming. Could I please tell them when, where & what time? Oh my goodness, no! I don't even know where they live other than somewhere in SLC. I gave him the Olsen's name and said they'd be going. (An update on this one: Dad contacted the Olsen's who already had all the pertinent information. He shared that with me so I'm ready for the next similar email or call.)

Another phone call was from a woman who wanted to talk to the Walls about a sister who's actually a service missionary. I was just trying to ascertain what to tell Pres Wall and why he should call her when she said, "I guess I'll just have to call Salt Lake back." What? I'm not sure what even happened here. I wasn't rude. Marc will verify that. But right now I'm pretty confused.

Then there was the call from a distraught mom, in tears, because she'd just received a call from a hospital in our mission. They told her that her child was in their ER. (Probably needed insurance info.) Mom wanted to know if we knew anything about why her missionary was there. I hadn't heard anything so I called Sister Wall--no answer. Called mission home number--no answer. Called President Wall--answer! But he hadn't heard anything. I just like to say that I wasn't being ignored. The moving van was at the mission home packing all the Wall's things to move them back home. Anyway, it turns out that the missionary had been experiencing recurring headaches and had talked to the mission nurse more than once. She thought missionary should now go to the doctor. Instead of going to the doctor missionary went to the ER! Maybe I'll reserve further comments on this one.

Another call came from SLC letting us know that one of our missionaries who was in an accident a few months ago is being sued. I passed that one off to Elder L as fast as I could. We'll be served any day now.

And to top it all off, Elder L goes to the airport in his newest cap! Doesn't bother me, because I've already stated that I've become an LSU fan, but it'll bother a few other unnamed people. I love it!

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