Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another First

We experienced another first today and are so happy we did. All of the LABRM Senior Missionaries were at the Fontenot's home for a crawfish boil and barbecue. What a powerful--in a good way--group of people this is.

I've already written about "How to Have a Crawfish Boil" on June 5, 2014, so this is a follow up. After hundreds of little guys gave their lives for us to enjoy, the below picture is half of them laid out on the table with ears of corn, red potatoes and onions. Then "all y'all" (that's plural for y'all) grab a platter like the white one at the top and fill 'er up. Besides a table full of CF, Mervin (since he isn't a missionary now) had also barbecued ribs and the Sisters brought salads, rolls and desserts. Quite an impressive, and filling, spread!
The Crawfish Spread
I'm hoping to get some pictures taken by the other missionaries of the "after you eat" activity which is separating the tails, claws and bodies. The Fontenot's just freeze the tails and claws (if they're large enough) to be used in gumbo, jumbalaya, pastalaya or etouffe sometime in the future.
After the Feast

Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission--Senior Couples--13 June 2015
Hastings, Lauper, Hansen, Paulsen, Lawes, Bible, Nelson--together in one place at the same time!

I'd never met the Paulsen's before, even though they've been here since January. It was good to have a few minutes with Sister P to hear about a few of their adventures. They've already served two 18 month missions--one in Sri Lanka and the other on an Indian (I know that's politically incorrect) reservation in New York. Sister P shared a few experiences that they'd had in Sri Lanka, and I'm still trying to imagine what it would be like to serve in a third world country where there's such unrest. Among other things, Sister P taught piano lessons for many hours each week, and Elder P taught English. Some of their pupils/investigators/students traveled for 3-5 hours each way to get to the Church building. Just another example of how blessed we are to be able to ride comfortably to church within a reasonable period of time.

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