Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, June 18, 2015

It's a Long Way to Tucumcari

It's a good thing Bronson is "along for the ride," because he takes great pictures then just air drops them, and Voila! Besides being a great photographer, he and Heidi are keeping us entertained!

One of the sights as we passed through Wildorado TX
Some of Route 66 is pretty desolate, except for the "human interest!"
Another  abandoned building on Route 66

Tee Pee Curios
Legend has it that Apache Chief Wautonomah was nearing the end of his time on earth and was troubled by the question of who would succeed him as ruler of the tribe. In a classic portrait of love and competition, his two finest braves, Tonopah and Tocom, not only were rivals and sworn enemies of one another, but were both vying for the hand of Kari, Chief Wantonomah's daughter. Kari knew her heart belonged to Tocom. Chief Wautonomah beckoned Tonopah and Tocom to his side and announced, "Soon I must die and one of you must succeed me as chief. Tonight you must take your long knives and meet in combat to settle the matter between you. He who survives shall be the Chief and have for his wife Kari, my daughter."

As ordered, the two braves met, with knives outstretched, in mortal combat. Unknown to either brave was that Kari was hiding nearby. When Tonopah's knife found the heart of Tocom, the young woman rushed from her hiding place and used a knife to take Tonopah's life as well as her own.

When Chief Wautonomah was shown this tragic scene, heartbreak enveloped him and he buried his daughter's knife deep into his own heart, crying out in agony, "Tocom-Kari"!

A slight variation of the Chief's dying words lives on today as Tucumcari, and the mountain that bears this name stands as a stark reminder of unfulfilled love.

Some credit this folk tale to Geronimo. And I credit Kimberlee for finding it:)
Tucumcari Mountain

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