Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, June 19, 2015


We continued to enjoy the scenery from Tucumcari to Flagstaff. You can certainly tell we're in the Southwest. It's been enjoyable to see the mountains, even though they're small, since it's a sight we've really missed in Louisiana.
The Moriarity Milk can
Passing the Tijeras--It was pretty exciting to start seeing mountains--something we haven't enjoyed for 18 months!
Holbrook NM
This little shop had some beautiful pieces of petrified wood
A Very Sunny Day in Holbrook
"I'm a little desert flower"
Ganado NM
After another 500 mile day we arrived in Flagstaff. Bronson had eaten at the Beaver Street Brewery a few years ago and told us about the delicious fondue. I think 3 of us made the decision to eat there. It was a perfect evening, so we ate outside, and after dinner Marc did say he'd enjoyed it.
Beaver Streeet Brewery
Dining on the patio
Bronson and Heidi
One of the sights as we walked around the downtown area
I'm not sure if this is considered "wall art" or not, but it works for me. Heidi fits right in, as does Brons in the pic below:)

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