Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chandler's Back!

The Assistants popped in and out of the office this morning on their way to a service project. I couldn't resist a picture of Elder White in his black and green color coordinated couture--hat, shirt and bike. The bike is actually for one of next week's incoming elders, but it was a perfect prop since it matched!
Elder White's ensemble
Elder Lauper and Chandler
It was so good to see Chandler again! He and Blaine Mapa are back from Utah and California to baptize Maria and Luke, 2 of the investigators that they were teaching before they were released. Chandler, and whoever his companion was at the time, were the first elders to teach Maria and Luke. What a fitting reward for 2 hard working former elders to be able to return and perform the baptisms.
I've heard nothing but great things about Maria. It seems that, as a non-member, she's been an outstanding pre-member and missionary. Congratulations to Maria and Luke, and thank you Chandler and Blaine, for returning for this very special occasion.

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