Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cassidy Steele

Katy Pratt and Alta Oltman
These cute visitors from Omaha NE stopped at the office today to deliver this gift basket for one of our Sisters who's serving in the Denham Springs Zone. They're from her home ward and were hoping that she might just happen to be in the vicinity. Unfortunately she wasn't. They were with Alta's mom who didn't want to be in the picture. Both girls are seniors and will be attending BYU and BYU-I in the fall. They've been on a road trip since March 5 and have traveled to St. Louis, Tennessee, Florida and New Orleans. Today they'll drive to Houston where Katy's grandparents live, then home by Sunday. Safe Travels, Y'all!

Then later this afternoon we had another surprise visit from Cassidy Steele. She just went home at the last transfer, but it was so fun to see her again. She's with her sister, who recently graduated from SUU in Cedar City, and her mom. All three of them served missions. Katy started in Mexico but later went to California San Fernando because of health issues and Mom served in Ohio, I think. Cassidy will be attending BYU-I. She's registering for classes tomorrow, so I think she'll be starting in late April. There'll be a whole family of LABRM returned missionaries up there. What Fun!
Cassidy Steele, R, with her mom and sister

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