Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, March 2, 2015

Elder Caesar

Sister Wall used to talk about how to cook a frog at every orientation and transfer meeting. To cook a frog you have to put him in cold water and turn the heat up slowly so that it doesn't perceive the danger. If you dropped him in already boiling water he'd just leap right out of the pan. She was eloquent and tactful in explaining how the metaphor related to elder-sister relationships that could potentially develop beyond missionary work. Simple comments or gestures can lead the wrong direction and can escalate into inappropriate relationships, so missionaries were always reminded to "lock their hearts" while serving their missions so they wouldn't get cooked.

Then she bought a ceramic frog and had a contest to name him. "Elder Caesar" was chosen, because it meant "when he 'sees her' he wants to 'seize her'." If there was even a hint of flirtation or interest in another missionary, Elders and Sisters were encouraged to call the President and tell him that they had a "frog alert." No questions were asked, but there would be an immediate emergency transfer. This could also apply to missionaries who were receiving unwanted or unsolicited attention from members, investigators, or other individuals in their areas.

So today in walks Elder Madsen, on exchanges with Elder White, with this frog that he's obtained at the Rex Mardi Gras parade! While the rest of us were collecting beads at the parades, Elder Madsen was catching this frog. Since the original Elder Caesar went home with the Wall's, Elder M donated this little green guy to the mission. We will, however, have to do surgery to remove his heart with a totally improper phrase embroidered on it. He will be dressed in appropriate missionary attire, complete with his little name tag.
We received this fun card today from the Westbank Missionaries.

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