Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Elder Jones and Elder Dye

Last night I turned the AC on when I came home, because it was about 85 in our apartment. The day before that it was in the 70's with 90% humidity, and today we're freezing--with the wind chill factor, it's 25 degrees. President put Alexandria Zone on lockdown because of snow, and Sister Hansen sent a message to Alex missionaries to thoroughly clean their apartments, because they desperately needed some serious attention! Elder L has been in several missionary apartments recently and was appalled by what he saw. It makes me very sad to hear that many of our sisters and elders are very poor housekeepers. I truly hope Sister Hansen's text helps. I'm sure that the Spirit will not dwell in unclean surroundings, but that's my personal opinion!
I'm always happy when the registration is due on a car that "lives" in an outermost part of the mission. That means the elders or sisters have to come into Baton Rouge to re-register it and have to come into the office for paperwork or some such thing. Today we were so happy to see Elder Jones, from AZ, and Elder Dye, from ID. They're serving in the Houma area which is about 2 hours from Baton Rouge. Maybe they'll get transferred soon and we'll get to see them more often:)

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