Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Blocker's in LA

Danielle's (our oldest) family arrived in New Orleans last night and spent most of today seeing the sights of NOLA. The day after transfers isn't the best time for me to leave the office, so Marc had to manage without me. I don't know how he navigated without my help! Okay, that's a joke. I have been told that I can't find my way out of a paper bag with a map. Sadly, this is very true. We've been here 15 months and to NOLA at least 10 times, and if you dropped me off in the middle of New Orleans you'd never see me again. I'd probably end up in Mississippi or Florida. That's pathetic!

There was plenty to do in the office before the Blocker's arrived in Baton Rouge. The rosters are the biggest project, and it's always nice to get those completed. Fortunately, there weren't any major adjustments to be made, and as soon as President Hansen submitted the new transfer board and it cleared through SLC the rest was easy.

The one little challenge that I had today was an issue with not receiving confirmation on flights I requested a week ago. After I request flights for returning missionaries I always get an email within a few hours with a summary of the requested information. If I've made a mistake on the date, airports, name, etc. they can be changed before the flights are booked. For some reason that never came, nor did the tentative itineraries that come in 1-2 days later. So I emailed the travel office and discovered that, for the first time ever, my request went to "electronic limbo!" But they assured me that the tech team was on it and would get it corrected. Within 10 minutes I'd received the itineraries and profuse apologies. Talk about efficient! Super helpful people in that office makes my job so much easier.
The advantage of not going to meet family is seeing some missionaries. Sister Jewett and Sister Roberts were in the office picking up some commissary and checking out who was transferred since they didn't get to go the the meeting yesterday.
First stop after arriving in Baton Rouge was to take the Blocker's to Bass Pro Shop. They all agreed that they'd never water ski in Louisiana waters after seeing the alligator gar. 
Three Blocker Beauties--Karina, Danielle and Paige
Adjusting to Central Time was a bit of a challenge!

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