Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baton Rouge to St. Francisville

The problem with not posting the day that you actually go somewhere is that all the details just slip right out of the memory, and what's left are captions on pictures. Today's adventures took us to Coffee Call in Baton Rouge for beignets, Tony's to see (and smell) the fishy market experience, Port Hudson, St. Francisville and Rosedown Plantation.

Just watching family eat beignets is always an experience.
After--Karina cannot eat beignets or roasted marshmallows without experiencing it from head to toe! She had powdered sugar up to her elbows and down her pants. And Paige was a close second in the "messy" department.
We always take pictures in front of this sign. The first question is usually, "Do they really sell that here?" "Yes! Yes they do!" 
Tanner, Karina and Nathan
A beautiful and typical view from the balcony.  All the plantations seem to have oak lined paths, and I never tire of seeing them. 
The children's room at Rosedown
On the writing desk in the children's room was, as Danielle put it, the original iPad!
Family pic on the Rosedown Plantation steps
The azaleas are just beginning to bloom, and they're gorgeous, but they're going to be even better in about 2 weeks. We were on our way back to the car and were sort of all going in different directions when Danielle's phone rang. It was Paige wondering where we were or where she was. Danielle asked her what she could see that was close to her. "A pink tree!" We had a good laugh since all the azaleas in bloom were pink :)
Gotta love grandchildren and their selfies:)
Don't let Karina's petite frame fool you. This girl has muscles that you  wouldn't believe and also holds her middle school record for pull-ups! (Boys included)

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