Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Free Speech Alley

For more than 40, Free Speech Alley has been an LSU tradition. With a title like that you can imagine that it's been grounds for controversy--whether it's political, religious view or students' rights. LSU has stood behind the rights of its students by allowing such a place to express all opinions--even though they may not be shared by the majority. They do have some "Rules of Conduct," which is a good thing. Keep it Clean. Don't Threaten or Abuse. Be Truthful. Be Nice. Be Proactive.

Today Sister Barclay, one of the LSU Sisters, and Sister King are covering Free Speech Alley at LSU. Lucky me--they stopped by to pick up a few extra proselyting pamphlets, etc. We actually have a new one that I gave out to all the districts in today's commissary orders called "An Introduction to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." It's a perfect handout with a few paragraphs on the history, basic beliefs and practices, humanitarian service, family life, temples and education.

I forgot to mention that Elder Ryan left yesterday, and we have a new elder in the office--Elder Drollinger. He's one of our Spanish elders and lives in Baton Rouge. but his companion also went home yesterday, so he's joining us for awhile. He actually trained Elder Casillas when he was new in the mission last March. The three of them were just getting ready to load up all the commissary and deliver it to the Denham Springs Stake Center for the missionaries to take home.
Elder Casillas, Elder Bennett and Elder Drollinger
Apparently, the maps are having some sort of problem lately. I haven't actually contacted anyone in Salt Lake about it, but if things continue like they've been, I may have to. Yesterday I put an address in for somewhere in our mission and it came up with their home ward in Japan! Today I entered a Baton Rouge address and this is what it spit out. Nice, huh?

The next issue is when I don't wait long enough, like more than 3 seconds, to click onto "Map Address" I get the Web site down for maintenance message. Fortunately I can close it, reopen, and it works.

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