Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, April 13, 2015

The Church Travel Office

As one of my office responsibilities, I maintain contact with the Church Travel Office. They're so good to work with, but I can't imagine doing what they do all day, every day. The office I specifically work with is responsible for the travel arrrangements for 136 missions (I think all in the US and Canada). If missions average 200 missionaries that's over 27,000! They book all the flights to the Provo and Mexico City MTC's, flight from the MTC's to fields of labor and flights home. That just gives me a headache thinking about it. 

About 2 weeks ago I received an email telling us that the travel office would be sending out a monthly newsletter and would like to include special events or miracles that have occurred in our missions. The first newsletter arrived today, and the following is a "mission miracle" from the California Long Beach Mission.

"Last week, one of our elders was out working with his companion riding their bicycles in Long Beach, California. Without warning, the elder’s front wheel struck a curb and he was catapulted onto the sidewalk. He landed face down and couldn’t do much to cushion the fall. At impact, his two front teeth were completely knocked out and he suffered deep abrasions of the face. Almost immediately, a member of the ward in which they served drove up! He asked the elders if they needed help and when he realized the degree of seriousness, he tossed their bikes into his pickup and took them to the nearest hospital. When they arrived at the emergency room, another member was there for them without being warned in the least. He is a doctor specializing in maxilla-facial repair and just happened to be on duty! When the doctor saw the elder he offered immediate treatment. The broken bones of the face were set and two temporary teeth were put into place. When asked how he was feeling a couple of days later by President Tew, he exclaimed that he felt just fine.

"When I heard about the elder’s accident, I actually felt sick. I instantly began praying for him and those who were attending him that he would be well cared for and eventually healed. I can’t begin to describe my joy and happiness when I got the news about his speedy and excellent help. Without the tiniest doubt, I know the Lord watches over and cares for the missionaries. What a blessing to be serving them. Sister Grossnickle – California Long Beach Mission"

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