Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, April 9, 2015

More on Pastor Dixon

Every once in awhile in his letters to all the missionaries, President Hansen will include some excerpts of experiences that have happened around the mission. These are just three that he sent recently. The first is a follow-up on a post on March 30 about Pastor Dixon.

"The other cool this this week was teaching Pastor Marilyn Dixon. We taught her the Restoration and committed her to read the Book of Mormon and come to church. She seemed skeptical but agreed. When we tried to see her again, she was in the hospital, so we had little hope of seeing her any time soon. But she'd asked if we knew anyone with a walker she could have, so we found one and left it at her house. And who walked in with it to church on Sunday? Pastor Dixon! She'd read 3 Nephi 11 like we'd asked and loved it. She enjoyed church. She said nobody ever asked how they could help her and the fact that we actually found her a walker meant to much. And she knew Sister M in our branch, and Sister M just started testifying that this is the true church. Pastor Dixon said she'd be coming back with some of her congregation! YES! We were pumped."

Here's part of one more letter:

"We struck up a conversation with the cashier...and he asked us who we were. As we started to explain, he said, 'Oh yeah, the missionaries used to come in and talk with me all the time. For the past few months, y'all have never come up and talked with me. I kept waiting for you, but you never did. I always thought, OK, maybe next time.' I guess this was the next time. That was a bit of a stab to the heart for me. I kid not, I've probably been in that same gas station 10 times since I got here last October and I've never talked with the man. Here he is waiting for us to come and contact him, literally expecting it. And it took this long to do it. It just proved to me that there really are people out there waiting for us to talk with them. Literally, sitting there hoping we go and strike up a conversation."

It appears that this is about a group of students who showed up at Church one Sunday.

Fifteen random people dressed in normal clothes walk in and sit down, so of course we go and talk with them. They were all college students from a college near Dallas Texas studying different cultures and religions. So after Sacrament meeting we brought them all in a room and then for 2 straight hours they just drilled us with questions and what we believe in, what our doctrine is. They had so many great questions! And the whole time they were all taking notes like crazy! But then 1 specific student asked us, "What makes your church so different from every other Christian church?" So I stand up and talk about Joseph Smith. It was so silent in this room, and then I recited the First Vision and, almost with tears in my eyes, I said that is what makes us different. We know that once again God has called a Prophet of God on earth today, and that through Joseph Smith, the fullness of the everlasting gospel was restored, and the priesthood is back on the earth. It was incredible!"

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