Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Some Faces We've Missed

Oh, Yay! Elder Trainor came into the office today! We really enjoyed him for the short time he served here as an office elder. Today he and his companion, Elder Toone, came to Baton Rouge to attend the temple with a former investigator, now member, from Natchitoches who was going through for the first time.

I did ask him about his new hair color! He wanted some highlights and another elder told him to just use some hydrogen peroxide. My next question for him was, "Did Elder M  by any chance mention that the more you get in the sun, the lighter it becomes?" No, he neglected that part, which Elder Trainor found out after doing a 3 hour outdoor service project!
Mandeville Elders--Elder Toone and Elder Trainor
Missionary selfies are so much better than the pictures I take! Here's Elder Trainor, Sister McEntire, Sister Hunter and Sister Hockemier
One more selfie that also included Sister Astle and Elder Toone. Three of these sweet sisters will be going home after next week's transfers. Only Sister Hunter will be left. And Elder Trainor leaves after the next transfer in June. We have a huge number of missionaries leaving in the next 3 transfers--almost 60--but there's no where near that many coming in:(

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