Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Always the Best Part of the Day

I was so excited this morning when Sister Chandler came in with her new companion, Sister Plumb. I even remembered to get a picture, but when it came time to post it I couldn't find it anywhere, and I'm really miffed at myself. I know I took one but don't know what happened. Maybe they'll come in again--soon.

The phones have been pleasantly quiet this week which has allowed me time to update the zone maps, even though I just redid them. Since President Hansen made 5 zones from 6 at the last transfer, it seemed like a nice thing to do for the incoming secretary. It's so much easier to do referrals by just looking at a map of the zone that has all the missionaries' housing locations marked.
Sister Ochs, recently transferred into Baton Rouge, and Sister Butterfield are the BR Sister Trainers. Wonderful Sisters!
Elder Forbush just returned to the mission yesterday. He's awesome, and it'll be great to have him back. He's a threesome with the Assistants until he's delivered to his new area, which is very far from Baton Rouge, on Friday. Also, it's Elder Murhula's birthday today, so the three of them are going out to dinner tonight with the Office Elders.

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