Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, May 7, 2015

You Want What?!!

We've received a lot of interesting requests to be supplied to the missionaries through "commissary" such as a full length mirror, electric mixer, bathroom scales, paper towels, etc., but today's was truly something unexpected. Elder R: "In our commissary, do you happen to have an extra Mission President's Handbook?" Stick to the "Missionary Handbook," Elder. I think you'll find that's all you'll need.

It always amazes me how I can go from swamped to "how can I best spend my time today?" The first 6 hours were consumed with missionary summaries and 4 x 6 cards for the July incomings. I know I'm jumping the gun but thought it would be one less thing to worry about.

t was really nice to see the BR Zone Leaders, even if they weren't there for long.
Elder Lehr and Elder Richardson
But the best part of the day was the marriage of 2 former LABRM missionaries. Jenna Schmutz and Billy Watkins were sealed for Time and All Eternity in the Salt Lake City Temple. Caden Steele and Chandler Adkins were so thoughtful to send some pics.
The new Mr. and Mrs. Billy Watkins--forever!
Five forever friends! Catherine Wolf and Jenna were North BR Sister and companions for several months. I just don't remember how many. Billy, Chandler & Caden were all awesome Office Elders who served with each other but not at the same time.
Big Surprise!
Former Companions
Eternal Companions

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