Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Office Visitors

Elder Lauper and I were reminiscing yesterday about our first day in the MTC. It wasn't just a random thought but came about because the new office couple entered the MTC yesterday. We laughed at how exhausted we were while we were there. On the first full day of classes (Tuesday) we were fed spiritually and physically, but by the time we finished dinner, which was probably 5:30 or 6, we thought we were going to die from exhaustion. I'm sure we were asleep by 8:30. Wow, have things changed! We did receive an email from the MTC yesterday asking us which programs we use here so the Lawes will be specifically trained in those areas. That is such a relief since we'll only have about 2 weeks with them.

It's always fun to have exchanges and see what new faces, or ones we don't see very often, come into the office.
Elder Mills, one of the Zone Leaders in New Orleans, was on exchanges with Elder White, the Senior AP. The other AP, Elder Murhula, stayed in New Orleans with Elder Mill's companion, Elder Jean Louis,.
Sister Ochs, one of the Baton Rouge Sister Trainers, will be in Plaquemine with Sister King. Sister O's grandma is the California Redlands Mission Secretary, but she's living at home and doing a service mission. 
We're always happy to have our Baton Rouge Spanish Sisters, Sister Jewett and Sister Roberts, stop by.  They'll both be released in July. 

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