Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Gonzales Elders

It's always such a pleasure to have 2 awesome Elders come into the office--especially when you don't get to see them very often. Elder Makin and Elder Gordon are the Gonzales Elders. They're still in the Baton Rouge Stake and Zone but live about 25 miles from BR. When you have to budget your car miles (in addition to your measly monthly allotment and time) you just don't make 50 mile road trips without a very good reason. I know they had one, but I don't exactly remember what it was:(

We have another Senior Couple coming in next month, and that's always a happy occasion. Our Seniors make such a difference and really strengthen the little branches where they're serving. So I tried to put the "Senior Incoming Packet" together but couldn't even find the welcome letter. That's just great. If I couldn't find it, how on earth is Sister Lawes going to. She wouldn't even know what she was looking for. I searched the N-Drive and every document to no avail. I also went through the wonderful office manual that I so diligently updated and every drawer and file that I have access to in the office. Nope! Not there. Not a computer copy or hard copy to be found. Grrrrr! Finally, after multiple word combinations, it appeared in the N-Drive but not where I thought it should be--"Incoming Missionaries." It was with the "Senior Missionary Roster," and there weren't any of the 6 pages that should have been in the manual. Glad to get that figured out and reorganized. I just hope someone can find it the next time it's needed.

Elder Whittier, our new Office Elder and computer guru, kindly showed me how to merge and unmerge cells in Excel. Oh Happy Day! I know that's nor exactly advanced spreadsheet technology but it made me happy. I was able to correct 2 templates for the incomings and go-homes that had bothered me because so many of the words were cut off or missing. I wonder if I'll remember how to do it tomorrow.

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