Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, September 22, 2014

Good-bye to Sister Hill

Love our Spanish Elders! They pop in every once in awhile. Apparently they came by 3 or 4 times last week to pull their little prank, but I wasn't there. So today Elder Crook, right, tried to hand me a receipt and ask if Elder Lauper could reimburse them for their pool pass. Hmm. Swimming pool? Pool table in a pool hall? I couldn't think of any pool that they could "legally" use so I told them NO with a smile. They were so disappointed because I rarely turn them down for much. Nice try guys. The receipt they were using was and old one for gas or something.

Kind of a sad day today. We found out that sweet Sister Hill, from our Plaquemine branch, will be honorably released tomorrow for medical reasons. She's been struggling for at least 2 months trying to find foods that she can eat without causing stomach pain. She's had a whole battery of tests but, as is so often the case, they can tell her what it isn't but not what it is. So, at about 4, I quickly put together a go-home packet for her to take for herself, her parents, Bishop & Stake President. Then we dropped it off at the Hansen's for the President can sign when they return home from New Orleans this evening.

President Hansen sent an email out to the mission sharing some missionary experiences from a few of our Elders and Sisters. These kinds of things are happening all around our mission and every other mission throughout the world. I know LABRM is doing their part to take the gospel to "every nation, kindred, tongue and people."

-----the spirit was touching this lady’s heart. She sat there and just cried. It was like a burden that had been there for years was being lifted from her. She stopped us in the middle of the lesson and said "will you please explain to me what is this feeling I have right now. I have never felt peace like this in my life. WHAT IS THIS FEELING? I want it to stay forever." So we testified to her again that is the spirit and we bore our testimonies that she is feeling God's love for her. It was amazing and it was hard for me to keep the tears in. I almost started crying myself because the spirit was so strong in this women's tiny little house. She also recognized the spirit and how strong it was and told us so. We invited her granddaughter who lives with her to participate in the primary program at the end of this month and the granddaughter was so excited. We got her part from the primary president at church yesterday and are going to give it to them tonight. 

Excerpt from a letter about an investigator on an oil rig:
He was only reading because his computer had broken and stopped working. Other wise he would be watching movies on his computer instead of reading. And he said that everything just got cleared up for him! He sent his wife a message saying to her, "If I could, I would get baptized RIGHT NOW!!!! "

-----The N family (Asian family) are doing really well! It has been the hardest teaching them for sure because of the language barrier. In one of the lessons with their family last week we taught them the plan of salvation and everything just clicked for them. WDS commented and said he never understands when he goes to English class, but when we teach him he said it all makes sense. 

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