Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Two Things That Make My Day

One thing that makes a good day great is having quality time with missionaries. Today was one of those days. Talk about great Elders! Here are two more of our wonderful missionaries who were able to come to dinner tonight. Elder Jones, left, is from Gilbert AZ. He's the oldest of 4 children and has been serving for 21 months. Actually, both he and Elder Glauser, right, went into the MTC in December and spent Christmas and New Years there. The difference is that Elder J went to the Provo MTC in Dec. 2012 and Elder G went to the Mexico City MTC in 2013. So Elder J goes home in 3 months, and Elder G doesn't.

Elder J is pretty quiet, and I missed most of Marc's conversation with him while I was fixing dessert. He does love cars and motorcycles and anything with an engine. He'll go to community college in AZ starting in January, then on to college.

Elder G is the youngest of 6 sons. He's from Redlands CA so we had a few things in common. Four of his brothers are married and have children. In fact, one brother recently moved to Mandeville, with his wife and 4 children, which is in our mission. Pres Wall said Elder G would be able to see his brother while still on his mission, but he doesn't know what Pres Hansen will say yet. Elder G's father was the Stake President in Redlands from the time Elder G was a baby until he was about 8. When he was 10 his mother passed away which Elder G says really strengthened his family and has helped shape in him a very solid testimony of the Atonement and life after death.

Elder G doesn't spend much time thinking about life after mission but does want to go to college and become a sports broadcaster. And, he's a USC and New Orleans Saints fan. He became a Saints fan when Reggie Bush started playing for them.

These are 2 dedicated, hard-working and non-complaining elders. What a pleasure to be able to spend a little time with them.

The other thing that makes my day is receiving a beautiful thank you note from one of the missionaries. Today we received this from Sister Lindstrom. The sentiment was so tender and heartfelt, and after reading it, I felt so appreciated. All of the elders and sisters are always thanking us and asking if there's anything they can do for us. Thank you notes are frosting on the cake.

So tonight I go to bed with a very happy heart:)

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