Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Plaquemine YW President

If I get through this story I'll be surprised. This is Sister Jackson, our YW President. This picture doesn't quite depict the real Heather. Apparently, the day that Sister Hill left, last Tuesday, Sister J had to take her daughter from Plaquemine, where she lives, to BR, where daughter goes to Seminary and high school. So that's what she did, except seminary finished early, so Sister J arrived at Sister Trent's house too early for an 8 am (it was only 7) appointment. Not seeing any lights on, Heather waited in the car and fell asleep. The next thing she knew she was awakened by police pounding on her window and demanding to know who she was. She tried to explain who she was and what she was doing, so they let her go. But then when she came out of the house they patted her down and slapped handcuffs on her.

The reason the police came, in the first place, is because Sister T didn't recognize the car or see Heather, so she called to say there was a prowler in the neighborhood. This is where things get confusing. I think she didn't have her ID because her license had been taken when she posted bail for a traffic ticket. That's another story that I haven't heard yet. Anyway, in front of the Trent's and 4 sister missionaries who were there for breakfast, off to jail she went!

I received an update and things I'd forgotten to include from Heather. After the police let her go the first time she went into the hours and fixed a plate for breakfast. They'd started a report and asked Heather to come and give a statement. After coming outside she was asked to put her hands behind her back, then cuffed and read her rights. Why? She was arrested for animals at large because her dog, Ash, had gotten out earlier in the summer and into a fight with a dog that was in her yard that Ash thought was attacking her daughter. The owner of the other dog called the police and had Ash picked up under the pretense that Ash had mauled him. Animal control set a court date based on the other dog owner's report. He wanted Ash deemed dangerous and put down. After investigating, they discovered that Ash never touched the neighbor, so they released him and dropped the case.

Heather thought that the summons was dropped, so she missed her court date. Her husband had been in the hospital for 5 weeks, and she just came home to grab clothes, take care of the dog and bring the mail. Sadly, Heather didn't take time to go through the mail, because in there was the letter about her having missed the court date. So now she's out on bond and waiting for her arraignment:(

I wonder if she needs a good non-licensed defense attorney who's well-versed in California Law!

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