Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, January 2, 2015

I'm Seriously Glad It's Friday!

To so that today was a crazy, busy day is an understatement! I think I spent the better part of the day redoing, reconstructing, undoing and redoing again. Seems like nothing was going quite the way I wanted it to. I've now rescheduled the Zone Conference buildings and dates 3 times, thus making me one of the least favorite people on the planet. I intentionally waited until today to print the January calendar which, by 4 pm, was already obsolete and will have to be redone before our Monday meeting. Commissary orders were due today and 5/6 of them were turned in. Deciphering them is a different matter. I had to call several missionaries to find out what they meant by things like "5 skinny light bulbs" or "what happened to your microwave?"

The bright spot in my day is always having the missionaries come in. Sister Lindstrom and Sister Morris came for an appointment so we took them to shop and have lunch at Costco.  I'm so sad, because Sister Lindstrom will be returning home to Idaho next transfer. She's always to much fun to talk to and has been such a strong missionary in our little branch. At least she'll be attending BYU, so there's hope that we'll see her once in awhile.
Fine dining with Sister Lindstrom and Sister Morris

Sister Astle and Sister Jewett were waiting at the office when we returned from Costco. Wow! Don't we have beautiful sisters?

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