Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Meet Marc & Tanner

What a delight to have our oldest two grandsons arrive in New Orleans from California this afternoon. Tanner, left, just tested out of high school and is planning on doing some online classes through BYU until he can go on his mission sometime after he turns 18 in November. Marc is our pre-missionary on his way to the MTC then Italy in March.

After picking the boys up we hurried to the Metairie Cemetery to do a drive thru before closing then drove through the Garden District, on our way to the hotel, to give them a bit of the flavor of New Orleans. After checking in we headed for dinner. Poor guys had a small breakfast and hadn't eaten on the plane, so they were starving. Dinner was lousy, so it's a good thing we wrapped up the evening's activities with beignets. They were a huge hit.
First stop after their arrival was the Metairie Cemetery

Dinner in the French Market was rather unremarkable, but the boys LOVED Cafe du Monde. Welcome to New Orleans and beignets!

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