Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Moms and Grandmas

Today was a Mom and Grandma day, referring to the phone calls. I recently sent out the 4 month letter for our April 30 go homes (there are 19 of them), and today I had 4 calls from moms wanting to know what they do if they're planning on coming to LA to pick up their missionaries. Fortunately, that's an easy answer, but there are a few things they need to do to make it happen. It's always fun to have the opportunity to speak to parents--especially on such an exciting occasion!

I also took a lengthy call from a distraught grandma who's children and grandchildren recently moved to Baton Rouge. The daughter and son-in-law are completely inactive, and one of the grandsons, who was never baptized, has kind of gone off the deep end. I felt so sorry for this grandma and know that if I were in her position I'm sure I'd be doing the same thing, ie. calling anyone who might be able to help or give her a shred of hope. The Elders in their area are going to tract out their apartment in hopes of finding the grandson at home. Very sad:(
Elder Crook and Elder Casillas stopped by the office with Elder Joubert and Elder Horrocks to "check the mail."  But they did call before they came to see if there was anything for any of them. Those Spanish elders love their letters and packages. I'm not sure what they'll do when any of them are transferred out of Baton Rouge and have to wait for their mail like all the other missionaries do who have things sent to the office instead of their apartments. But it's always fun to see them--especially on quiet days.

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