Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sister Merrill from Temple Square

What happens "If You Give a Pig a Pancake," or "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," or "If You Give a Missionary an IPhone?" This is what happens. They have a camera party! Elder Bennett and Elder Hansen were on their way to the body shop to take pictures of one of the cars that's in for repairs. I offered to let them use my phone as Elder B said it takes better pics than his camera. I should have known that they'd get more than damaged car pics:)
Smug mugs
Not even sure what to say about this one!

A very focused driver

What a character!
Sister Amar and Sister Fiso returned to Temple Square on Wednesday, and they will truly be missed. It seems like that was a very fast three months. In their place we happily welcomed Sister Merrill from Idaho and Sister Desjourdy from Canada. Sister Merrill and Sister King dropped by the office this afternoon, and we were able to meet Sister Merrill for the first time. I'm hoping that she'll get to stay in Baton Rouge so we can get to know her. We didn't have the opportunity to meet Sister Desjourdy before she was whisked off to Chalmette with her companion, Sister Boehme.
Sister Merrill and Sister King
Elder Hansen and I had a brief, but very tender, conversation today. I asked him how he's feeling now that he's nearing the completion of his missionary service. He said he's so emotional but feels "complete." If a soon-to-be-homebound elder can say that at the end of two years he probably worked with all his "heart, might, mind and strength" and is going home with no regrets. It looks like he can successfully close this chapter in his book of life. Elder H also said that all the challenges he had were meant for him and helped him to grow and progress (That might not have been his exact words) and he feels like he received more than he gave. Well, I totally disagree with that! Personally, I think he's been a welcome addition to the office. I must admit that my eyebrows raised when he was assigned here. Normally an office elder spends at least 4-6 months in that position--learning, doing, then training his replacement. So I was just plain surprised, but it's been a blessing to have had seven weeks to get to know him.

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