Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, March 7, 2014

Saying good-bye to the Olsen's

I'm just not fond of good-byes and today was no different. She & Elder O have given us their all. If anything goes wrong now it won't be their fault! They're staying at the mission home with the Wall's tonight then it's off to Houston, 2 stops in Denver then home to Springville, Utah.  

Sister O came in for a few hours this afternoon and we were able to get the rosters under control. It wasn't as difficult as I'd anticipated. Maybe I'm actually learning the system. Having 2 monitors makes a huge difference because of all the back and forth between programs.

By the time Marc & I left today's the alphabetical rosters and the zone rosters (6 zones, each a different color, double sided, 3 pages) were complete along with the Staples order being checked off and put away, baptisms & confirmations (hereafter to be referred to as B&C's) complete, referrals sent out, July go homes are pulled and ready to do the parents' letter on Monday. Can you believe we start 4 months before the missionaries are released to get correct info about their current address, phone & email, if the Bishop & Stake President have been changed, & which airport they'll be flying to. Travel Lady books flights 3 months in advance! 

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