Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, March 31, 2014

A really frustrating day

We came into the office today to new computers. AGH!! Anyone else would probably be excited about the changes--but not me! It's so hard to make the transition because I always lose things in the process. Today was no exception! Maybe it'll be different when the offices elders get here but right now it's absolute frustration. Neither Elder L or I can access IMOS and I have NO documents! Probably 90% of what I do on most days involves those 2 programs. Not good. We came in at 7:30 in hopes of getting a jump on today's tasks but instead were now 3 hours behind.

When we left today there was still a pile of work to be completed--updating the template for the letter to incoming missionaries including a change in the bike policy and insurance, laminating to do for Sister Wall, baptism and confirmations to be recorded, things to be mailed that require computer assistance, commissary orders to be filled before Wednesday morning, new information to be absorbed about mostly outgoing travel itineraries, ordering flights, and staying up on whose IDs are current, etc.  Just little stuff like that.

The phone calls continued to be a bit out of the norm--and lots of them.  Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins all with some urgently pressing needs--or at least they thought they were.  But at least they were all addressed.  The bright spot in the day was a package for me!  What a fun surprise from a thoughtful and grateful mom.  Thanks Sister B!  I'm now the proud owner of The Power of Everyday Missionaries, a book I've been wanting to get, cute notepads which will be such a nice change from boring yellow lined ones, a fireman's hat (an inside story), a new mouse pad and my most favorite mint truffles. Jackpot!

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