Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Moving Day #3

Today was our third and, hopefully, final move for the duration of our mission.  We actually started last night after we closed the office.  By the time we transferred all the bedroom and bathroom items we were ready for bed.  Elder Adkins and Elder Watkins called at 7 this morning and Marc was already at the old apartment, so they hopped right over and helped move the heavier and bulkier items, ie. TV, computer, kitchen stuff, canned good, etc.

Once everything was in the new location we took them to breakfast at Frank's--the place with the yummy biscuits. Elder Watkins had alligator sausage.  Mmmm! Elder Adkins and I went for the deliciously boring chicken fried steak and biscuits.  Now that was good.  We also ordered a plate of sweet potato biegnets.  They were scrumptious because they were more like bunuelos, and they had a reasonable amount of powdered sugar--not the whole 1 lb. box!

Here are a few pics of our newest accommodations.  It's spacious and comfortable.  What more could we want?
It has 2 bedrooms (the master has a king bed. I won't miss the queens from the past 2 months. Queen's in the guest bedroom for anyone who ventures to the South.)  Also a large pantry, comfy couch and love seat. Life is good in Louisiana!  There's also a nice balcony which is really pleasant right now--in the winter!  I don't think it will be so pleasant by April.

As you can see, I'm still trying to gain control over how to format this blog. When I edit it looks prfet, then it's gets published and nothing looks the same.

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