Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Olsen's Last Sunday

Sundays are always such good days.  I just enjoy the opportunity of going to our little branch and visiting with the members.  It was testimony meeting today, and there's such a sweet spirit.  It was the Olsen's last day to attend the branch so it was emotional.  They've had a very positive impact on the people there, and you can tell that they are loved and will be greatly missed.  Elder Olsen turned over his Aaronic Priesthood Manual to Marc as he'll start teaching next week.  There's only one young man, so it will be quality time.  I haven't received a calling yet, but Sister Olsen has been teaching the 4th Sunday in Relief Society.  Maybe I'll get to try to fill her shoes.

I met Sister Tracy Washington for the first time today.  She's active but has a hard time getting to church because she's a CNA and works at a rest home in Baton Rouge.  She's the only member of the Church in her family--a common occurrence here.  Fortunately her husband is supportive of her but not interested in coming himself.  She has older children, not at home anymore, who are also nonmembers.

Since it was Fast Sunday, we had our usual "Break the Fast" meal after church and it was quite a spread--ham, turkey, apple-chicken salad, jambalaya (which I think I'll call yumbalaya because there was nothing weird in it), rolls, lasagna, creamed corn and a boatload of desserts. Something I hadn't had before was Mexican lasagna from Walmart (Great Value brand).  That just might show up on next week's menu.  Marc really liked it--probably because there's no garlic.  It's always nice to have a hearty meal and not have to make it.  Well, that's not exactly right, because we took Arlene's beans and Mom's banana cake, rolls and some of Elder F's smoked ham.

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