Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, August 29, 2014

Another Lunch Bunch Day

How fun would a Costco run be without a few missionaries along to fill up the carts? It's so much better with our tagalongs, because we know how much they enjoy the excursion, and it gives them a chance to get a few things that you just can't find at Walmart. And, of course, there's always lunch!

After lunch all the missionaries went home to get things in the fridge then back to the office to meet some others and head out for a service project. Somehow I missed about 6 others who came to join them while I was in the back filling commissary orders for next week.

The service project was for an investigator who moved to Baton Rouge from New Roads. Apparently the house in New Roads (which is easily 35-40 miles from here, and those aren't freeway miles) sold, and she had to have her things out by Monday. So, missionaries to the rescue. I just hope that most of what's left in the house is already packed, or it may be a very long day.
Elder Morrell, Elder Steele, Elder Trainor and Elder Mecham

Sister Hockemeir, Sister Lindstrom and Elder L

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