Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Senior Social

President and Sister Hansen had the fun idea of getting the Senior Missionary Couples for lunch today, so 10 of us met at Prejean's in Lafayette. The Bibles are our newest couple who are Military Relations missionaries at Fort Polk in Leesville. They went to Oakdale and drove to Lafayette with the Hastings.
It was so good to meet the Bibles as we hadn't had that opportunity. They're at least 3 hours from Baton Rouge and haven't made that drive yet. The Kellers came up from Morgan City, and we drove with the Hansens. What a great idea that was. And I loved the food which, today, was pepper jack shrimp. Yeah, I know your mouth is watering. Here's the description: Three large shrimp stuffed with pepper jack cheese and Tasso (a spicy sort of ham that's a specialty in south Louisiana cuisine), wrapped with apple wood-smoked bacon, fried and served over crawfish cardinal sauce with rice dressing and corn macque choux. That's just a fancy name for sweet corn with the southern holy trinity and tomatoes in a tart shell. The corn was great. The tart shell is still in a little foil liner.

Here's a little about Prejean's. It's located in the heart of French Louisiana--Lafayette. The idea for what would become the world's first Cajun-themed restaurant began when the owner, Bob Guilbreau, visited several Mexican restaurants in California where "more than just Mexican food was served." Bob liked that they captured the joy of their culture with a combination of food, traditional live music, dancing and laughter. Traditional music is played by live Cajun bands and today we were introduced to Zydeco music. It's usually played with accordion, electric guitar, bass drums, and a corrugated metal rubboard.

As we were leaving these 2 adorable Opelusas Sisters popped in to drop something off to Sister Keller. Always fun to see our missionary family. (Sister Cleere and Sister Baird)

After lunch 8 of us went to Avery Island for the Tabasco tour and samples. The Bibles and Hansens hadn't been there yet, so it was a new experience for them. Something I hadn't noticed before were the beautiful trees covered with ferns! I've seen tree trunks and branches covered with a variety of growth but never ferns.

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