Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Baton Rouge Missionaries

There were several missionaries in and out of the office today, so at lunchtime Elder Lauper picked up take-out from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Sister Hockemier and Sister Lindstrom are now serving as BR North Sisters, replacing Sister Schmutz, who went home today, and Sister King, who was transferred to Marksville. I don't know much about Sister Hockemier yet, but I will:) And of course you remember Sister Lindstrom who jumped of the bridge, with her parents encouragement, and broke her ankle.

Elder Trainer, left, is the new office elder replacing Elder Watkins, who's now serving in Gonzales. Another sad farewell. At least he's still in the Baton Rouge Zone.

Elder Garceau, right, and his companion, Elder Smith, were in for Elder S to take a driving upgrade. For more information on whatever that is you'll have to read Elder Lauper's blog. Oh, wait, he doesn't have a blog. Sorry.

Sister Wall called today, and we had a very nice visit. Sounds like they're getting a bit of relaxing time. They can actually go to movies and don't have to sleep with their phones on the nightstands. And they just went to Education Week at BYU with the Olsen's. Good for them! Then Sister Wall asked if I thought it was a good idea or not a good idea to go to the airport and welcome home the 9 missionaries who were flying into SLC today. I told her I thought it was a wonderful idea. She didn't want to be in the way or intrude. Not a chance! Those missionaries served about 80% of their missions with the Walls, and it seems like nice closure for them.

I was so happy to get another call after the Walls returned from the airport saying that it was a perfect reunion. Even some of the other returned missionaries were there to greet the new arrivals. There are some beautiful eternal friendships that began here in LABRM. Sister Hall said her favorite sign of the day was "We've been waiting all our lives to meet you" to welcome a Sister with 3 new nieces and nephews born during her 18 months in the mission.

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