Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Let the Fun Begin

How many vehicles does it take to pick up 23 new missionaries? More than it took last transfer to pick up 18! One 12 seat van, one Highlander, one Subaru, two trucks and a trailer. Elder L drove to the airport in his truck and was thoughtful enough to swing by the office with 4 of our new sisters so I could meet them before whisking them off to the mission home for food, naps and interview.  Oh my gosh. They just keep getting cuter and sweeter. I finally met #19! If you don't know who #19 is, go back to the July transfer.

Ok! I'm so ready for this transfer! One of the most important things I'll do tomorrow is to email all the parents to let them know their missionaries arrived safely and give them their addresses. (I know that was too many pronouns and not enough antecedants, but you can figure it out.) So, I entered all the parents' emails in the system. One click and I'm ready to cut and paste the message that their missionary has arrived. One more click and I'll cut and paste the address. I already looked the addresses up and put them into a word document, and if Pres Hansen doesn't change the transfer board between tonight and tomorrow morning it's set to go. With 23 interviews I doubt there'll be any changes between now and then.

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