Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Visitor from The Advocate

Elder Mecham and Elder Griffin hard at work. Yes, they do have their serious moments, although it doesn't seem to be too often when they're in the office!

Every Monday morning they list the baptisms for the last week so I know what B&CRs to watch for. Something the missionaries forget to send the records into me, then the Assistants have to call and remind them to get them in the mail. Right now I'm waiting for 2 from June and 2 more plus this weeks additions as the yearly report needs to be submitted by next week.

This was such a fun day with missionaries in and out because it's P Day. Elder Watkins' and Elder Steele's district met here at the mission office to place some board games, but I conned Elder Steele into making a certificate for our Temple Square Sisters and Visa Waiters to receive when they leave our mission. Since they aren't being released we can't give them a Certificate of Release, so they receive kind of a "thanks for being in our mission" certificate. But it's stated much more thoughtfully than that.

We had our usual morning meeting, then the Hansen's left as they were scheduled to be interviewed by a reporter from The Advocate, the daily paper in Louisiana. A few hours after they left Sister Hansen called to say that they (the Hansens and reporter) were coming to the office, and it would be nice if there were some missionaries there. Oh, there were plenty--even a few in sports clothes. The reporter walked around, took pictures, interviewed some of the missionaries, and was very pleasant. The Hansens actually ended up spending at least 3 hours with him, and they said he was very positive about everything. The article should be in a Saturday edition in the next few weeks.

Elder Navitikula and Elder Rothschild were in the office for "game day." Elder N is our Fijian elder who's been out for 17 months and is presently serving in Baton Rouge. I can always count on a good handshake, and he rarely takes candy from the jar without asking .While he was here, he and Elder L had a great conversation. Here's a bit of what I gleaned while trying to work and listen at the same time.

Elder N is the youngest of 7 children and the first one in his family to be baptized and to serve a mission. Since his baptism his parents and siblings have joined the church, and 5 of the children were sealed to the parents in the Suva, Fiji temple just before he came on his mission. His mom's a nurse and dad used to work for the government until grandpa died and left him the farm. So dad left his job to take over farming yams, oranges, bananas, etc. Mom works at a hospital in Suva which is about 5 hours away, so she stays in the city for several days or even a few weeks at a time.

Before Elder N came out he was offered a position on the All-Black Rugby team which, I'm learning, is a very high honor. He could have had a place to live, a car and other bonuses but chose to serve a mission instead. Impressive. Now I like him even more!

Elder L was bold enough to ask Elder N if he has a girlfriend. Yes, he does. And she's also currently serving a mission, but neither of us could remember where. That's pathetic! Not the GF serving a mission but the memory thing. Maybe she's in the Philippines. She'll be released next month, so they must've left at about the same time.

Cute Elder Glauser was one of those in the office today. He's one of our Spanish elders and a great missionary. He was so excited when he saw the pretzels from Costco, so, as we were leaving, Marc had hims take the pretzels and animal cookies to share with the other 9 missionaries who were still there. I'm anticipating finding 2 large empty containers tomorrow morning:)

Of course, the day wouldn't be complete without Sister Lyons' comics for the day.

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