Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Costco Lunch Bunch

The Assistants and Office Elders got me good today. Earlier I thought they'd assembled a bike and were taking the empty box and some other boxes to be discarded in the trash bin. I wasn't really paying attention to who was inside and who was outside so when Elder Steele came in and wanted me to come out to see some baby birds in a nest on the ground I grabbed my camera thinking it was a killdeer bird. I did ask where the mother bird was, but he hadn't seen her. That should've been my first clue since she'd never allow her nest to be unattended. But did that stop me? Oh no. And Elder Watkins ran up ahead of me with a camera asking where to look. As soon as I got close to a very large pile of boxes Elder Mecham, in the box, came running toward me. I jumped back but hope I didn't scream as we all started to laugh. And Elder W was not taking bird pictures. He was recording the whole thing on Elder M's camera.

Then we went to Costco with Elders S & W and met some of the Baton Rouge Spanish Elders. They wanted to pick up a few supplies, and it's always fun to take them to lunch. Where else can you feed 8 people and entree, drink & dessert for less than $25.00? While we were there 2 different women came up and gave the elders a box of fruit snacks and a box of granola bars, complete with receipts. They were probably members of one of the Baton Rouge wards, and I thought that was a very kind gesture for these cute elders. At the back table, from left to right, are Elder Peltzer, Elder McMurray, Elder Araujo (who's on exchanges) and Elder Crook

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