Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The July Arrivals

Our 19 new missionaries arrived in Baton Rouge today--2 from Mexico City and 17 from Provo. It took a 12 seat van, 2 trucks, a Highlander and large trailer to pick them up from the airport. I'm not sure who I'm most concerned about--the new missionaries who are running on very few hours of sleep and know no one here except those they came with, President Hansen, who needs to fit in 19 interviews before he goes to bed tonight, or Sister Hansen, who gets to house and feed everyone. One thing's for sure. There aren't 19 beds in the mission home, but the Assistants did take 4 cots from the office over there this morning. Should be an interesting day. Meanwhile, I'm just minding my own business at the office and wondering how next transfer's incoming 24 are going to be transported.

It seems like Elder Navitakula is always getting a new companion. His most recent one is Elder Rothschild, a fairly new elder from Hennifer, Utah. When I asked him where Hennifer is he told me that it's by Echo and Morgan. Oh, super! Now I know exactly where it isn't. :) It's north of Park City and there are more sheep there than people. This was a mid-transfer exchange so Elder R has been her for a few weeks. We actually heard him speak 2 Sundays ago when we went to church in Baton Rouge. In his talk he included 18 points about how to become a good missionary. I was writing as fast as I could but couldn't keep up with him. When I mentioned this to Elder Watkins he immediately got on his phone, called Elder R, then told me he'd write them down for me. Thanks, Elder W, for always bending over backward for me. Talk about accommodating! I will add to this post as soon as I get the list from  Elder R.

This is a picture taken on the Monday before the Wall's went home. The t-shirts say "The Final Ride." I don't think I've mentioned what an avid bike rider Pres Wall is. It was nothing for him to go out on a 15 mile ride some mornings. So, the missionaries took final rides with their districts on his last Monday.

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