Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, July 25, 2014

Getting rid of the hiccups!

Poor Elder Steele had been suffering from a lengthy bout of hiccups. They started around 10:30 this morning so he was pretty tired of it by 3 this afternoon. This was the final suggestion, and I'm not even sure if it worked, but someone told him to drink water upside down! How can I not absolutely love these goofy guys?

Today was the first chance we've had to get together with President and Sister Hansen for something other than office meetings. They've been so busy getting acquainted and acclimated and tending to mission needs that they're just now able to make some personal plans. So on Monday we made arrangements to meet them for lunch. We decided to go to Texas Roadhouse. That's become one of our favorites and, come to find out, it was one of their favorites in Boise. We had a great time visiting and talking over mission situations as well as fun things and family. They have twin daughters who will be here for a few weeks in August, and Sister Hansen is so excited to have them come. She says they'll be helping with the food for the incomings and go-homes. Sounds like they're really good at those sorts of things. 

I'm not sure if these are the Texan or Cajun version of the Ten Commandments, but it looks like a Louisiana bayou to me--'gator, tree frog, cypress trees and a Cajun home. Yup! It's gotta be Louisiana.

P.S. The little boat in the back is a pirogue. (See commandment #10)

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