Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Beignet Breakfast

What's better than a beignet breakfast with some handsome elders. The Office Elders and Assistants joined us at Coffee Call for something that at least 3 of them have never tried. I think they enjoyed them. Elder Griffin felt the need to help Elder Steele with the last of the beignets. Perhaps Elder G was hoping to get Elder S to inhale that mound of sugar.

After breakfast and errands we unloaded the groceries and went to the office. There was so much left undone on my desk, and most of it had to be completed before Monday. Lets' just say that this was a much more successful day than yesterday. The rosters are complete and 18 envelopes, including a letter from the President, a letter from their missionary, a map of LA marked where missionary is serving, and a picture with Pres & Sister Hansen, are ready to go out in the Monday morning mail.

While I was there for 3 or so hours there was a small stream of missionaries coming in, but none of them were leaving. Sister Schmutz and her new companion, Sister King, brought lunch for some of their district. But I didn't take pictures of  everyone.

Then Elder Mapa and Elder Morrell stopped by. Elder Morrell is an new Zone Leader in Baton Rouge, replacing Elder Adkins. So, as of last Wednesday, Elder Morrell will no longer be serving in Plaquemine.

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