Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, July 10, 2014

An MIA Missionary

I held off sharing this story while waiting to know the outcome, so here it it, but not in great detail. After the new missionaries arrived on Tuesday we heard that only 18 had come in. Not good. We were supposed to get 19. So where's #19. No one knew. The other 18 said 19 didn't get on the bus, meaning the bus from the MTC to SLC airport.

After my part of the orientation on Wednesday morning I asked Pres Hansen if there was any word on 19. Nope. Could he talk to our in-field rep in SLC? He's on vacation. When one of the new missionaries came into the office after Transfers I asked if he knew what had happened to 19. He said that 18 were on the main MTC campus and 19 was on the south or west or wherever the other MTC campus is. By the end of the day Pres H had spoken to the MTC who told him 19 wasn't there! Really? Well, where is 19? How do you call a parent and say, "Sorry, we seem to have misplaced your missionary somewhere between Provo and Baton Rouge.

It wasn't until this afternoon that I received 2 emails--1 from our travel lady in Salt Lake, and another with 19's change of assignment. To make a long story short, 19 IS still at the MTC and will be coming in on the next transfer because 19 will be studying Spanish. Honestly, this was the oddest situation and hard to understand how no one knew 19's whereabouts. We can kind of laugh about it now, but we really did have some serious concerns.

The biggest problem now is that takes August's incomings to 25. With 18, the mission home was already bursting at the seams. And the Hansens have 2 daughters coming to visit for 2 weeks in August that includes transfer time. Problem solving! That's what we do best here:)

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