Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It just so happened. . .

Grandpa Smith called today, and it's always a happy day when he calls. He's so cheerful and positive. It just so happened that he asked about Elder Whittier who's from the same stake in Idaho. And who should be in the office at the very same time? Elder Whittier! Gpa was telling me that Elder W has a beautiful girlfriend back home. Perhaps in mentioning that, Elder W was a bit embarrassed but was a great sport. Anyway, Elder W (left) and Elder Beach were in the office to pick up a TIWI card for Elder W which will make it possible for him to drive. Elder W just came out with our most recent transfer, so he's pretty new but seems to be fitting in just fine.

Elder Beach is from VA, has been out for 15 and is Elder W's trainer. Unfortunately, Elder B had a biking accident and tore a ligament in his arm, so he's had a brace for 9 months! He'll need to have surgery, or it won't ever heal properly. Bummer. I don't know if he'll manage to complete his mission or not. I'd hate to have the condition worsen by not taking care of it.

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