Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Heart Attack!

When we arrived at the office on Monday morning this was our greeting--A Heart Attack! What a fun surprise! I thought I knew who'd made us so happy, but it wasn't until today that I discovered I was wrong. It was the Plaquettes--Sister Baba Sister Lindstrom. Sister B was returning to Temple Square today and wanted to do something for Elder L and me so they covered both windows with hearts, Halloween and Princess decals. So sad to send Sister B back to Salt Lake. She's been a delight to get to know and have in our branch. But, after her mission, she'll be attending BYU Hawaii. We could visit her and Sister Stennett. What a great idea:)

We're not sure if one of the 2 new TS Sisters will replace Sister Baba in Plaquemine, but we should know by Sunday. Sister Fiso and Sister Amar just arrived this afternoon. Unfortunately, Sister A was on the phone when we took this picture of Sister Hansen, Sister Fiso, Sister Pearson and Sister Lindstrom.

Sister Fiso is Samoan but her home is in Australia and Sister Amar is from the Philippines. Sister Baba actually knew both of them before she came to LABRM and said they're a barrel of fun. Can't wait to get to know them!

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I received this picture of Holden, soon-to-be-Elder, Smith today. After a lengthy recuperation he'll be returning to LABRM next Tuesday with our 10 new incoming missionaries. This picture was taken last week at the Idaho Falls Temple. 

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