Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, October 13, 2014

Lots of Lauper Fun!

We came into the office for a few hours this morning while the KBL's slept a little longer and packed. Just before we left, Elder Mecham's brother, Michael, stopped by for a short visit before heading off for Air Force Officer Training somewhere else in the South. Actually they staged this for me because Michael came in yesterday and went to church with Elder M. Thanks for indulging me.

When we got home Ara was sitting in a chair watching a you-tube singing nursery rhymes. She was actually conducting this one. Please note the little arm ready for the downbeat. She also sings many of the words. We love having another brilliant grandchild. We had to go back to New Orleans for the Lauper's to catch their flight, so we made a few stops at places we missed last week.

What could be better than playing peek-a-boo with your Mom in the Metairie Cemetery?
Tic toc with Dad!
Ara found a little gator table at Avery's, where we had lunch. Thanks to Bronson and his super expertise on Yelp, we were able to eat at 3 establishments that we'd have never found without him. And they were all delicious. I need to figure out how to navigate that site.

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