Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sister Baba, the Ballerina

Last Sunday in our branch I noticed that the tops of Sister Baba's feet were taped with wide adhesive tape. There wasn't much time to visit that day, so when she and Sister Lindstrom came into the office today I asked her if she was okay. This pint sized missionary is never without a smile. She said that she'd done years of ballet, maybe 12 or 13, and it caused her arches to break down. She tapes them with support under the arches and wears inserts, but I'm sure she's in constant pain. You'd never know it. But she'll be returning to Temple Square next week where she'll probably be on her feet even more than she is now. I hope she can get some kind of help soon.

The three of us had a fun visit about everything from "Cajun Night Before Christmas" to Holden Smith's return to the mission in 2 weeks and everything in between.

Sister Lindstrom is good to keep in touch with some of her former missionary companions, like Sister Stennett, who's now probably relaxing on the beach in Kauai (her home) and preparing to head off to Provo and BYU.

Holden Smith, aka Elder Smith, did call and let us know that he's coming back to the mission finally. President Hansen also mentioned it in the meeting yesterday. I didn't know Elder Smith very well before he went home for surgery since he'd only been out for almost one transfer. He seemed pretty quiet and reserved. But now when we speak he seems like a totally different person in a very good way. He's absolutely on fire and so anxious to get back to LA. And we're ready for him. I'm so glad his surgery went well and that he's received a clearance from his doctor to return to missionary work.

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