Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Peaceful Wednesday

This morning was surprisingly quiet so Sister Olsen and I spent most of it talking about favorite recipes. I just figured out how to compact files so I could email her all of the recipes I have in my documents. (I know I'm very behind the times being computer savvy, but this was a huge step for me.)  Sister O had said that the middle of transfers can get a bit slow, so bring a book to read or something else to keep busy.  Our last transfer was 3 weeks ago, and the next one is in 3 weeks. She was right--at least for half the day.

No recipe talk in the afternoon.  Nothing urgent but enough to keep me busy.  We've had several calls lately about getting some kind of assistance.  One lady has now called 3 times wanting us to pay her water bill. Another man was talking about the ice storms and how bad the roads were but never got to what it really was that he wanted. I explained to him that we were an administrative office that helped oversee missionaries and that I would be happy to send 2 young men to talk to him.  I guess that wasn't what he wanted to hear. Then there was the lady who is here with her daughter to pick up a baby that she's adopting. The baby was supposed to be born this week but now the birth mom won't be induced till next week so they're staying in a hotel and running low on funds.  Never a dull moment.

Things are coming much faster now as I get more familiar with programs, forms, what to enter, what button not to push, etc, but I'm pretty proficient on how not to do things!

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