Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

MLC Prep

It's been a crazy, busy day today. We spent most of the day getting ready for the MLC (I think Mission or Missionary Leadership Conference) tomorrow. I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but it's being mentioned again. All the district and zone leaders from all throughout the mission will be here for training, and many will drive in tonight and stay with the local elders. I'm feeling bad for them because the weather is really wild. Right now there's a driving rain storm that makes a monsoon look like a nice shower. It took all of 5 minutes for the streets to flood. You can't even see the sidewalks. I had to take off my shoes to get to our apartment because the water was ankle deep, and I'd rather ruin a cheap pair of stockings than a good pair of shoes.

Back to MLC preparations.  Since all the leadership will be in Baton Rouge we have the missionaries send us their "commissary" needs. We needed a few household items, ie, bowls, spoons, a lamp, etc. so we went to the Mission Home garage where all the apartment leftovers are kept. (Explanation:  When an apartment is vacated and not going to be used again the domestic leftovers are stored in the garage. It eliminates the need for extra purchases and is a great place to shop.) Unfortunately many of our orders came in after we'd gone to the garage so I guess the frying pans, can openers and knives will have to wait for another time. Sister Wall did come out in her cute apron (she always wears cute aprons) and visited for a few minutes, but she was busy making chicken enchilladas for 50 for tomorrows lunch.

Our back rooms are filled with pamphlets, DVDs, Bibles, cases of Book of Mormons, pass along cards, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, and then some. I filled 27 orders this afternoon, and we also needed to copy and laminate a 48 page booklet. That wouldn't have been too bad if the laminater didn't move at the pace of a snail and the copy machine didn't need a rest after every 5 copies! In addition to the commissary items, the February Ensigns came so they needed to be divided into districts along with all the missionaries' mail that we've recently received. Fortunately our awesome office elders will pack it all up and take it to the Stake Center where we'll be meeting.

I did graciously ask Sister O to make the presentation on the Baptism & Confirmation form.  Pres. Wall had originally asked her to do it, and she asked me, but I pretty much chickened out. When we were talking about it the words just rolled off her tongue without having to give it much thought. Why reinvent the wheel?

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