Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, February 1, 2014

P-Day Note

Note for all future P-Days: Do shopping and errands as early as possible, and try to avoid Baton Rouge streets on Saturdays, especially Sherwood Forest Road! I'd like to think that all of Baton Rouge is doing their shopping on Saturday so they don't have go anywhere except church on Sunday, but I'm pretty sure that's not a good assumption. We did finish up around 1 then went to the Texas Roadhouse for a yummy lunch. We had a terrific server, and the good news is that I won't be fixing dinner tonight. I had fried chicken strips. Finally, some southern fried chicken, and Elder L. had the second item on the menu! Ok, you know if HE ordered Road Kill it wasn't squirrel or 'possum. It was actually a ground sirloin steak.

Tomorrow we'll start going to the Plaquemine Branch. (I think that means we'll be speaking again.) We've been told that they have about 20 who reguarly attend, which makes it smaller than Marksville. But they do actually have a building, not a triple wide. Following the meetings they'll have a "break the fast" lunch. That'll be fun as it will give us the opportunity to meet the members. Sister Wall shared a story with us recently about a baptism they attended in the Plaquemine Branch not too long after they arrived in LA (from Utah). One of the sisters gave the closing prayer, and this is part of what she said: "I give ALL my glory to Jesus. I don't give none of my glory to satan. I give it all to Jesus."  Sister Wall's comment: "We're not it Utah anymore! We all worship the same, but the words may be different."

As of last transfer day we have both elders and sisters in the branch. The sisters are new to the area. Pres. Wall usually names the companionships by the location where they're serving and debated on what to name the sisters. He decided that he didn't want to call them the Plaquemine or Plaq sisters so they've been named the Plackettes! Love it!

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