Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The AP's

Meet the Assistants to the President, Elder Asuao (from American Samoa) and Elder Helie (from American Fork, Utah).  They are two sweethearts and great missionaries.  I could probably say that about every elder and sister in LABRM but I haven't met them all.  I'm working on it.

They were in the office today and Elder Asuao mentioned that he'd lost his journal.  The last time he knew where it was, was at the mission home.  Sister Garcia, a Temple Square sister who went back to Temple Square last week, was writing in it before she left the mission home.  Sister Wall found it after Sister Garcia left and thought it belonged to Sister G. So Sister Wall brought it into the office when we had our Monday meeting and asked me to mail it to Temple Square.  No problem.  I got it right into the mail.  It never crossed anyone's mind to make sure it belonged to Sister G.  At least none of us are snoops!  As soon as we figured out what happened I called the Temple Square Mission Office and enlisted their help.  It probably hasn't arrived yet, but I'm sure that Sister G will get a good laugh out of it when it does.  Then Temple Square will ship it back to LA.

Just a few notes on today's activities.  We're getting ready for transfers as I already mentioned, and with that comes the big commissary orders for the whole mission.  We're packing up cases of copies of the Book of Mormon (both English and Spanish), area books, and pass along cards, pamphlets, DVDs and DVD players, light bulbs, household items and cleaning supplies, etc. etc.  What did I learn today? Don't wear a white blouse when you're doing commissary!

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