Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Road Trip!

For our Anniversary/Valentine's Day we decided to go to New Orleans for the weekend.

First stop was the French Quarter. I'm guessing that this is off limits to missionaries! There's great architecture, fun gift shops, delicious places to eat, trolleys, horse-drawn carriages, musicians, artists and the like.  There's also a negative vibe, palm readers, voodoo, naughty T-shirts, bars, etc.

The one place I wanted to go was Cafe DuMonde for their beignets. Of course there was a long line for take-out but I knew it would go fast. It has to with the number of people they serve in a day. I've only had beignets one other time & that was at Disneyland. Even in the Mickey shape with cute little ears they were a disappointment. And I thought they'd spilled a whole box of powdered sugar in the bag. Surely beignets in New Orleans would be so much better. Let's just say that the experience wasn't a whole lot different! I guess they're just not my thing, but I can cross that off my "Things To Do in Louisiana" list! My one recommendation is if you go there, don't wear black pants!  It's a bad combination with powdered sugar.

I continue to be fascinated with the cemeteries. This one was by the famous Basin Street. That will be a tour for another day. I had approximately 3 minutes to jump out of the truck, take a few pictures then be on the road. 
This may be the first cemetery in New Orleans, founded in 1853, but I can't be sure. I need at least 2 more minutes to read the plaques. It certainly LOOKED like it could be 160 years old!

Next stop--Houma, which is more than an hour from NO. A package was delivered to the mission office yesterday for an elder in Houma. I was thinking that someone from his zone might be in Baton Rouge for a meeting tomorrow so didn't worry about it. But Marc did. He thought we should take it to him because it was from Harry & David via Cushman's, which is a citrus fruit distribution co. The box was large & heavy--maybe oranges-- and his concern was that they'd spoil before they reached this elder. So we set off with his address & phone number. Suffice it to say that we were finally on our way back to NO almost 3 hours later. Between wrong addresses & numbers that didn't work we had a scenic tour of Houma & the surrounding area. I was starting to whine but after thinking about the reason we're here in the first place, I 
remembered our purpose for being in LA is to serve first & everything else is secondary.

Time to eat! We went back to NO to find a recommended restaurant, but the traffic was ridiculous. Did I forget to mention that it's the NBA All-Star weekend--here!  That means old-timers' game, slam-dunk contest, up & coming something, shooting contest in addition to the actual game & lots of fans. So we drove back to Metairie, a suburb, & had what I've been waiting for--a scrumptious southern dinner. 
Charbroiled oysters at Drago's! Yum!!!
Nice thing about oysters is that you can eat a dozen and not be stuffed because they're very small bites.

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