Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Area Book

I was so tired last night that I'm not even sure what went on the blog.  Tonight probably won't be much better.  We ran to Walmart to find things for my little "craft" project.  A few days ago on her instagram Kennedi posted minions made out of Twinkies. Marc thought they'd be a fun thing to take to the office on Valentine's Day--not because they're red and heart shaped but because the Walls and the Olsen's lovingly call the office elders their office minions.  If the Twinkies turn out they should be a fun and different sort of treat.  If a picture turns up in a few days then they looked great.  If not, they were an unsuccessful flop.

Back on January 16 I reported on Elder Perkins and the 4 Zone Conference. Something that he talked about was the huge success his missionary daughter had by using the Area Book. I wasn't familiar what this book until it was mentioned by Elder Perkins, so I wanted to know more about it. It's best that I quote from Preach My Gospel.

"You have been given tools to help you record important information about the people you teach.  These tools also allow you to share the right amount of information with those who need it.

"Every proselyting area has an area book, which becomes the lasting record of your day-to-day efforts. Update key information daily, and refer to it weekly during your weekly planning session. Keep it neat, current, and accurate so that any future missionary can build on the inspired service your have given.  As invited, take your area book to interviews or zone conferences, where mission leaders can review it and help you know how to use it most effectively.

"You should refer to some part of the area book each day as you update and adjust your plans. . . This book should stay in your apartment after you are transferred so that future missionaries can use the information."

We have a sister who took Elder Perkins' counsel to heart and began using the Area Book to her advantage. As a result she and her companion taught 26 lessons last week and 27 lessons the week before!  Way to go Sister C!

This is a short poem Sister Wall quoted when an elder was asked to offer the prayer in one of our Monday morning meetings.  In his defense, he was new to this situation but learned protocol quickly.
          On your knees or on your feet,
           Just don't pray while on your seat!

LDS Missionary Training Center Mexico
Have I mentioned how much I like Tuesdays?  The reason is because that's the day we're notified of the new missionaries that will be coming to our mission. It's like making new friends. We only had 2 today, but it's still great. Both of them are from the United States, but both will be speaking Spanish which means that they'll be going to the MTC in Mexico. One will arrive in May and the other in July, but they'll enter the MTC 6 weeks before that.

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